Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hard problem of consciousness; a problem of Science's reluctance to open-up!

Following is a reply this author has posted at 'The Economist' article,'The hard problem'( September 12th,2015)

The hard problem is there, primarily because, Science's not accepting the reality of the parallelly existing organization of the'self' of man,system of having his consciousness etc. She is obsessed with a physical origin of everything.
Imagine an intelligent group of monkeys trying to visualize a car ,from the collection of its parts found in a jungle;They might be able to conclude that,it might be a device that moves with passengers.But till they do not get to know the parallel energy system ( the theory of combustion, the fuel,role of firing it, transmission of that power to the wheels etc)that moves the car fast, their knowledge is incomplete.
Very similarly, Science must first accept, that there could be a parallel system, a very real and sensible one, that Nature has devised to constitute the 'self' of a human being, with the sole intention of giving him 'unique' experience of life/existence!
Leave all theories of divinity and God here, but simply accept that, it is another realm of reality that runs parallel to the physical realm, and it makes the much-needed sense of the world and life. To help open minds to have more info on this, love to share here a blog post:http://anatomyofrealities.blogspot.in/2013/08/thinking-understanding-it-as-internal.html

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